Τρίτη, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2011

a world of her own. a world of glass ornaments.

Been a long distance woman, the one who fell in love with long distances.
And every time you come in yelling that goddamn rise and shine, like rise and shine,
I say to myself how lucky dead people are! 
But I get up. I go!
For sixty-five dollars a month I give up all that I dream of doing and being ever.
And you say self, self's all I ever think of.
But the wonderfullest trick of all was the coffin trick.
I nailed you into a coffin but you got out of the coffin without removing one nail. 
There is a trick that would come in handy for me, get me out of this two-by-four situation.
You know my ambitions do not lie in the warehouse, that like everybody in the whole wide world.
I've had to make sacrifices, but life's not easy, it calls for Spartan endurance.
You are the only young man that I know who ignores the fact that
the future becomes the present, the present becomes the past, 
and the past turns into everlasting regret if you don't plan for it.
This was the compensation for lives that passed like mine, without any change or adventure.
Adventure and change were imminent in this year.
They were waiting around the corner for all these kids.
Suspended in the mist over Berchtesgaden, caught in the folds of Chamberlain's umbrella.
In Spain there was Guernica.
But here there was only hot swing music and liquor, dance halls, bars, and movies,
and sex that hung in the gloom like a chandelier and flooded the world with brief, deceptive rainbows.
All the world was waiting for bombardments.
You told me all pretty girls are a trap, a pretty trap, and men expect them to be.
I know I seem dreamy, but inside, well, I'm boiling.
Whenever I pick up a shoe, I shudder a little thinking how short life is and what I am doing.
Whatever that means, I know it doesn't mean shoes, except as something to wear on a traveler's feet.
You think of yourself as having the only problems, as being the only one who is disappointed.
But just look around you and you will see lots of people as disappointed as you are.
You don't know things anywhere.
You live in a dream: you manufacture illusions.
I didn't go to the moon, I went much further, for time is the longest distance between two places.
Glass breaks so easily. 
No matter how careful you are.
For nowadays the world is lit by lightning.
Blow out your candles and so, goodbye.

Affected by The Glass Menagerie of Tennessee Williams.


Ανώνυμος είπε...


K είπε...


Ανώνυμος είπε...

Conseils tres interessants. A quand la suite?

the other lover είπε...

συγγνώμη που άργησα τόσο να το διαβάσω,είναι η ημερομηνία περίεργη που το γραψες. Και τώρα που πέρασε καιρός και αποστασιοποιήθηκα απ τη μέρα που άλλαξε τον κόσμο μου σκέφτηκα να το διαβάσω.

τι όμορφα που τα παπούτσια είναι απλά something to wear on a traveler's feet!

γενικά,τι όμορφο!